Prints are the reflection of the world around me-

My state of mind


AnnalizA, creator of deuxA, lives for visual creation. Prior to studying fashion design in London, her studies in fine arts, graphic design and photography, left a huge impact on her approach to designing garments.

AnnalizA's upbringing gave her exposure to a vastly creative environment. Her mother being a fashion designer and her uncle, a creative director and fine artist, gave AnnalizA a very passionate and mature introduction to the world of creativity. After her studies in England her path of education took her to the prestigious and renowned l'Institut Francais de la Mode in Paris.

Being half German and half Indian, helped AnnalizA developed an early interest in many cultures thus allowing her to derive inspiration from various experiences and special interests, which is reflected all over her work.

AnnalizA has offered her valuable experiences at famous fashion houses Including Alexander McQueen, Giambattista Valli and Boudicca.


deuxA; reflects the designers name by throwing emphasis on the first and last letter in 'AnnalizA'; metaphorically indicating there is always a beginning to every ending.

Unique and individual prints lay the cornerstones of AnnalizA's designs. Detailed attention towards diversity in textures and materials, along with her playful understanding of colours, provide a very personal and unique signature in deuxA and as its creative head.